I have continuous back and forth rants with a few buddies of mine who are very enthusiastic gear heads. One has a blog called "Cars in my driveway" where he features different friends unique rides and tells their story. He is the Audi fanatic who drives a C63 AMG?? Don't ask. The other is a technician at BMW and is into many cars and technical grease monkey do-dads. He's the "BMW geek". Me, I am a auto industry obsessed social media manager for a car lease website. I own a Honda so I am, "Honda People". We share articles proclaiming that "Audi is the greatest" or "Honda is Sh*t", whatever comes up. Here is a recent satirical post I sent to the "AUDI fan" to get the "BMW geek"'s gears going...

[BREAKING] New BMW prototype spied testing without camouflage.
Based on the Japanese Domestic Market Honda Odyssey, it will be the most expensive Honda-based mini-van ever sold. Prices should expected to start around a mere $80,000 for the modern line (a.k.a Poor People's BMW) but you can add on the M-Sport Package (Shown Above) for only $20,000 more. If you love your children, the Rear Entertainment System ($12,000) is a must have. It comes with two 3-in 4k HD screesn built into the rear headrests but you must also order the German Smoker's Package in order for the R.E.S. to be built.

No official word on it's release date at this time but it is already being praised as the best looking and most reliable BMW of all time!